Robert D Brown
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Archangel Advisory & Consulting is a Multi Divisional Advisory Company.

(1) Federal Government Contracting Service Division

 (2) Numismatic Consulting/Sales Division.

Robert Brown, CEO Archangel Advisory. 


My associates know my positive problem solving strategies.  My Federal Government career focused on futuristic scenario planning with problem solving and "thinking of the things we have never thought about". 


Numismatic Sales are focused on long term investments such as Rare United States Coinage and Currency.  We travel extensively and perform a "search & retrieval" for rare coins that provide investment growth.  We also offer rare coins and currencies for sale on our site.

I have extensive experience in IT budgeting and execution, contracting, and change management. Also, my expertise is placing special emphasis on creating visionary plans for future Foreign Military Sales (FMS) mission and business information systems, championing innovation, extending CIO influence by integrating business and technology, and focusing on core competencies.

Archangel Advisory always looks ahead; I am proud to announce that ARK INSIGHT has become an associate with Archangel Advisory.  This key association adds valuable leadership and cost effective experts to our team. The future is securing your Business Success

Contact Me -

Phone: 256-583-6416